New KorovaKill album „Chryst PhantasmaChronica“ Print
Monday, 18 July 2011 08:05

KorovaKill reveal more information about their forthcoming comeback album:

“Chryst PhantasmaChronica” is a concept album that consists of only one song with the length of 50 minutes. It reveals the chronicle behind the phantasms of the visible world, which has become chronic. “PhantasmaChronica” is wilder and calmer, more chaotic and more atmospheric, more brutal and more sentimental, straighter and more complex than all other KorovaKill albums. Prepare for a masterpiece of “Epic Psychedelic Metal”!

Mastermind Chrystof proclaims: “And by the seventh day the creation was completeth. Now the creator will rest from all the work He hath made. He pupates in a cocoon and will return as a new creature with a new world. Await his coming…”

“Chryst PhantasmaChronica” will be released in September 2011!

Meanwhile rare videos of KorovaKill’s old skin are available at the Omniversal Youtube channel: